A reenactment of a 2015 interview between the Zhou Brothers and Micah Materre for Chicago TV station WGN, and  shared on the Zhou B Art Center website.   Featuring from left: Hongjia Lin as Da Huang Zhou, Angeliki Chaido Tsoli as Shan Zuo Zhou, and myself as Micah Materre.
 Customized banners (echoing those hanging from lamp posts outside the gallery)
 Restaging of a comic con autograph where I sell autographs and photos relating to a past role as the Silver Power Ranger on the series  Power Rangers RPM .  This is the first station in the looping performance, where I eat beans and rice to the soundtrack of Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim performing  How Insensitive , and interact with ‘fans’.
Li-Ming Hu_IMPACT 2019_Photographer Grace Duval jpg31 copy.jpg
Casting lounge
Li-Ming Hu_IMPACT 2019_Photographer Ji Yang_45 copy.jpg
Casting lounge
 I also had performers wearing masks of myself inhabit the space throughout the evening, and also encouraged them to wander through the rest of the space and observe the other performances at the festival.    Picture here is Chia Huang beside a set of fake artist monographs I had made for myself in echo of the large Zhou Brothers book displays upstairs in and outside the bar area.
Li-Ming Hu_IMPACT 2019_Photographer Ji Yang_57 copy.jpg
Li-Ming Hu_IMPACT 2019_Photographer Ji Yang_90 copy.jpg
Li-Ming Hu_IMPACT 2019_Photographer Grace Duval jpg45 copy.jpg
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