I am a visual/performance artist from Aotearoa/New Zealand, and am currently based in Chicago.

I make video, objects, installations and performances, with a carnivalesque sensibility, often using pop culture as a critical lens. Much of my work’s content has been to do with my art world anxiety, particularly in terms of the performance of artistic identity and the labour of art making, which, in our high performance culture, are becoming less distinct. Lately, my focus has extended to immigration and the construction of subjectivities through diaspora, perhaps in response to my own recent move from Aotearoa/NZ to the US.

I approach pop music as material rather than soundtrack. There are so many stories in and around a song, as well as the personae of the people who performed and wrote them. Which brings to mind the thorny issue of appropriation, or do we just call it theft? Enter, in flashing lights, the ‘it depends.’

I am a firm believer in the generative possibilities of humor, and see my work as equal parts parody and tribute. If I’m laughing at those I portray then I’m certainly laughing at myself as well. Negotiating boundaries is a constant endeavour – between appropriate and inappropriate types of performance and appropriation, performance and documentation, tragedy and comedy, success and failure, art and life.